Photography by Bethany Dennison

The Inherent Beauty Philosophy

Skills don't come cheap. You work throughout your life refining your hobbies and interests into something that you can build on, achieve success with. Most small business and indy business owners don't realize just how much that defines the experience they can bring forward into their work - and their brand.

My own growth into Lolaness by Phebe Durand began when I was 11, first published, thinking I'd found the mission in my life. I was going to be a writer. When told that this would be impractical as writers "don't make enough money", I became fascinated with art because it illustrated and directed my writing. Once again I was told that I couldn't become an artist, because they don't make enough money.

I decided to do both. And forget the projected poverty that came with it.

Lolaness by Phebe Durand

Yahoo! News Outlets

With a serious focus on how technology enriches our daily lives and how living simply, making green choices, and choosing DIY over store-bought, my Yahoo! articles have received both awards and plenty of hours of writing love. Guides, tutorials, step-by-step how-to's, and a few editorial and creative pieces are here.

Etsy Marketplace

The bulk of my products and services are sold via the Etsy Marketplace, where you can find instant downloads for your business designs as well as get me moving on a unique project that's all about you.

What Etsy has allowed me to do is offer the best array of products and services in a customizable format with built-in communication tools so that we can conspire on the work you need done effectively - ending with a big smile of satisfaction.

Skillshare - Coming Soon...

I'm currently working on and *hopefully* will soon have approved my first Skillshare course. What is it? Let me just say that it is something so in-depth that it can't be covered in an article, and too hands-on for a book. Sound cool? It is.

In fact, the entire Skillshare platform is fantastic. You can learn anything you like - and using the links above, you'll get $10 off any course you choose. The basic cost is a mere $20 - and when you can get a step up on things like Building an HTML and CSS Website from Scratch, Contract Writing for Freelancers, or APIs with Facebook and Twillio ... you're getting more than a bang for your buck.

Think you'd also like to teach? Take the free course after signing up (there are others, by the way!) and get your inspiration out there.